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A Few Winter Driving Tips

As the weather gets colder and we start anticipating poor, winter driving conditions, here are my thoughts on the subject. Follow these driving tips to stay safe while you’re driving in snow.

*It’s a good idea to keep your fuel tank half full during the winter – but particularly before a long trip on the road. Be sure that you’ve recently had your oil changed.
and that all the other fluids in your car have been topped off before heading out on the road in the cold.

*Make sure tires are properly inflated. Nobody wants to get stranded with a flat
tire? Especially while driving in the snow. Properly inflated tires are a must, as tire pressure fluctuates with the temperature.

*Wear your seatbelt. In case of an accident, wearing your seatbelt can save your life.

*Slow down. When snow really starts to accumulate, it’s in everyone’s best interest to slow down – you never know if a patch of black ice could be up ahead.

*Accelerate and decelerate evenly and slowly. Mashing your foot on the gas or the brake pedal when driving in the snow can cause your car to lose traction and control.

*Generally you would drive with a 3-4 second gap between your car the car in front of you. With winter conditions, increase that gap to 6-8 seconds. Slowing down can help keep you safe while driving on ice and snow.

*Put the phone down. Don’t be a distracted driver.

*Do not use cruise control.
Check the weather and plan your route ahead of time.

*Make sure you’re prepared – emergency kit, air in the spare tire, extra washer fluid.

When you’re prepared, driving in the snow or ice will not be as precarious as it seems.


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