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October is Fall Car Care Month

Every October, the Car Care Council promotes Fall Car Care Month. To call awareness to the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and care. Failure to perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance may cause breakdowns and make your vehicle unsafe. According to the Car Care Council, this is an important time of year to stay ahead of the game and get your car serviced before severe weather sets in. Based on our experience at Charles Automotive & Tire, we agree!

Every vehicle manufacturer provides a specific maintenance schedule. If you consistently follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule there should not be any surprises come wintertime. Here are a few specific maintenance items that are especially important to address during the fall:

  • Anti-Freeze/Coolant Level & Condition
  • Windshield Wiper Performance
  • Tire Wear & Tread Depth
  • Suspension Alignment/Pot Hole Damage

The auto repair expert are here to help you and your vehicle manage to change of seasons year in and year out. Give us a call to today to discus your vehicles specific needs.

October is fall car care month - Charles Automotive and Tire